(Re)Generation Who has it’s own dedicated Children’s Programming room. Here families can come together to make crafts, listen to readings, and engage in all kinds of family fun. The following is the list of events happening in the room all weekend:

Parents Note: The Children’s Programming room is not a daycare service nor a place to leave unattended children. Parents and children must stay together when using the room’s services and events.

Time SlotTitleConcept / Description
3-4 pmColoring PagesWarm up with coloring to get in the right frame of mind!
4-5pmTardis CardCreate your own blank card that's bigger on the inside!
5-6pmDr. Who Mad LibsMadness with words - and NO you can't use Raxacoricovarlonpatorius because we can't spell that.
6-7pmScratch Off ArtHome made art with your colors behind the blank blackness!
7-8pmSonic Bingo!Get a row of your favorite Dr. Who things and win!
10am - 12pmTote Bag CreationCreate your own con bag using our home made stencil!
12-1pmOod HourCreate a mask and brain to become an Ood!
1-2pmTerry Molloy Book ReadingBring your kids to meet Terry Molloy who will read his book: Montmorency Montgomery Bear: The Bear with the Ginormous Heart.
2-3pmChildren's Timey Wimey Cosplay ShowOur friends from Coal Hill are back and want to see your finest outfit!
3-4pmDr. Who KeychainCreate your own keychain - to keep your Tardis key on of course!
4-5pmCatch The SunGrab the light of a nearby star and use it to decorate!
5-6pmFusion Bead MagnetsMake your own bead pattern then stick it to the fridge.
6-7pmConstellation Craft HourYou harnessed the light of a single star earlier today, now create a star map to project on the wall or ceiling in your room.
7-8pmAdipose TossTake aim and see if you can land your Adipose in just the right spot! See how many points you can add up!
10-11pmGalaxy DoughMake your own super galaxy colored version of play-doh
11-12pmWeeping AngelsMake your own weeping angel out of yarn!
12-1pmMini Straw RocketsThey're small, but they fly using the gift of your breath.
1-2pmTrivia HourHow stong is your show knowledge? Come in and find out!
2-3pmIt's all youWhat would you love to see next year on this track?

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