Panel NamePanel Description
18 Long Months During the 6th Doctor's Era: Too Long to Wait?A look back at how Doctor Who fandom worldwide received and reacted to the announcement in March 1985 on how the show was "given a rest" for 18 months.
A Nation Among Men: Terry NationIn addition to his creating the Daleks for Doctor Who, Terry Nation was among British TV’s most prolific creators in the field of adventure and science-fiction. Not only did Nation write scripts for such iconic series as The Avengers and The Saint, he also created the BBC cult-classics The Survivors and Blake’s 7, the latter of which celebrates its 40th anniversary this year. This panel will discuss a wide range of Nation’s work and the ideas that recur throughout his stories.
After the Last Panel Closes, Do We Have to Say Goodbye?For the past 3 years Doctor Who fandom has gathered in at Regeneration Who to share their love for the Doctor and his adventures. But after Oni, James, and Kara wish us all well and promise us how much better next year will be, as we all ride off into the sunset, we don't have to let the adventures end. Local Doctor Who fan Clubs and Viewing Societies exist all over, from the pub nights on Bleaker's St. to Doctor Who Viewings at the Government Center, all kinds of events are available right in your area on Meetup, Facebook, and on the Web. And if one doesn't exist, learn how easy it is to start one yourself.
All Things Ukulele - Jam Session Bring your ukulele (or other acoustic instrument) and join Cat Smith as she leads a relaxed, open jam session.
Antipode Presents: A TARDIS Owner’s ManualCongratulations on your recent acquisition of a TARDIS! The TARDIS, when working properly, is capable of many amazing things. Please continue watching this supplemental quick guide, performed by Antipode, before taking your space time vehicle for a spin. This live performance is meant for all ages! Antipode Geek Bellydance has performed over 100 comedy and dance shows for over 10 years. They are excited to be back again!
Be Kind: Building a Better Fandom PanelHow to organize and create a more inclusive, supportive, and welcoming fandom environment. A wide-ranging discussion from current events to general organizing. How to make the community more inclusive of marginalized individuals (race, gender and gender identity, sexual orientation, disability). How to address the small but vocal group of bullies that plague the fandom (from general gate-keeping to harassment of marginalized fans). How to organize for positive change citing the upcoming arrival of Jodie Whittaker as a case study and launching point.
Big Finish Interview: Jason Haigh-Ellery – Director/ProducerAn insightful discussion with the Executive Producer of Big Finish Productions.
Big Finish Interview:
Lisa Greenwood – Flip Jackson
Join Lisa Greenwood for a discussion of her portrayal of the iconic Sixth Doctor companion, Flip Jackson, as well as a discussion of her other work.
Body Positivity in Cosplay SpacesOur panelists of different body sizes, abilities, and gender presentations share their journeys with body positivity, their struggles, and what they do when they're feeling down on themselves.
Broadchurch in Space?With Chris Chibnall's extensive CV in emotionally charged, gripping drama, what sort of influence will this body of work (along with the cast and crew he will be bringing to BBC Wales)have over the tone, themes, and direction of Doctor Who in Series 11?
Cat Smith / Miss Nerdstiles live!Cat Smith is the reigning Miss Nerdstiles, having inherited the crown from absolutely no one, because she made it up. Actor, musician, cosplayer: she and her ukulele have charmed the collective socks off of LI Who and LI Geek (as the house band, no less), ReGeneration Who, ConnectiCON, Wicked Faire, and The Way Station. You can find her on YouTube and Instagram as deadlightsgirl, and her favorite drink is Templeton on the rocks, in case you were wondering/buying.
Celebrating the Female Directors of Classic WhoIn the first 26 seasons of Doctor Who, women made up a small number of the directors who worked on the show. Let’s discuss the work of Paddy Russell, Julia Smith, Fiona Cumming, Mary Ridge, and Sarah Hellings, and celebrate their achievements and visual style, which was often iconic and influential.

Host: Joy Piedmont
Children's Timey Wimey Cosplay ShowAll cosplaying kids are invited with their parents to join a special gathering in the the special events room!
Comic Books and Doctor WhoJoin Simon Fraser as he discusses the unique elements of realizing Doctor Who stories through the medium of comic books.
Companions of a Certain AgeWe’ll discuss (slightly) older folks’ roles in the series. Who are the most influential 30+ characters in Who? How have the companions changed over the course of the series, and how much of that related to age? How has age determined the nature of Doctor/companion relationships?
Cosplay 101: Getting StartedJoin our panelists for a crash course on how to start in the world of cosplay. We will discuss how to pick a character, how and where to source pieces for the cosplay, and tips and tricks for a successful cosplay experience. We will show you the exact steps experienced cosplayers follow when putting together a cosplay.
Cosplay 202: Advanced TipsStep off from the basics of Cosplay 101 to discuss how to take that cosplay you created and make it even better. We will discuss what steps to take to make your cosplay more screen accurate. The smallest details can make a huge impact! New cosplayers are also welcome!
Deep Thoughts About the DoctorA campfire chat focused on those deep thoughts we have about the Doctor while hanging out around the proverbial campfire. This panel will be highly interactive and feature a diverse group of Doctor Who obsessives!
Doctor Who NovelsJoin a panel of writers for a discussion on the series of Doctor Who Novels, including the Virgin New Adventures, the BBC Eighth Doctor Adventures, recent Who books and more!
Doctor Who on American TV : 40 Years AgoIn 1978, Time-Life Television decided to reboot their syndication of Doctor Who in the US by offering to television stations the first four years of Tom Baker as the Doctor ("Robot" through "The Invasion of Time"). Making these episodes appealing to those stations were the preparation of each episode with the opportunity for stations to air commercials and narration of these episodes at the beginning and teasers at the end by actor Howard daSilva, more known for his work as Benjamin Franklin on both the stage and film versions of the musical "1776.” These episodes were run on both commercial and public television stations nationwide- for those introduced to the series, the "Time Life 98" was not only their first look at Doctor Who, but also would be the only thing presented to them until stations decided to buy more of the series from the BBC.
Doctor Who Travel GuideThis panel, in its third year, will focus on great locations to go to where Doctor Who has filmed through the years. Attendees will leave with ideas about where to go and what to see. This year we will ask some of the actors and crew what their favorite locations to shoot were. Join in to learn their answers!
Doctor Who: In the Beginning:
William Russell, Carole Ann Ford
Doctor Who arrived in the swinging Sixties like a cultural whirlwind. Hear what it was like from two of the people who were there from the very beginning.
Doctor/Companion SymbiosisAn analysis of the mutually beneficial relationship between a Time Lord and their traveling associates from both classic and modern eras, as well as some hypothesis on the upcoming new Companion(s) for Series 11.
Fan Artists and WhoJoin us for a panel on how to do fanart as a fan and make that into a career. We also talk about how to start selling at conventions and give a bit of a crash course in selling your art and doing it in a way that can pay some of your bills and, in the case of Doctor Who, lead to actual endorsed BBCA work.
Fan Films : Plugging In or Pulling the PlugIf Paramount could shut down Star Trek fans videos from being made. What could possibly stop the BBC? A tricky matter to be discussed, and how fans have created video and audio productions of adventures based on their favorite Time Lord.
Fifth Doctor: Season 19: Peter Davison, Janet Fielding, Sarah Sutton, Matthew WaterhouseJoin the entire principal cast of Season 19, Peter Davison's first season, for a live discussion. The nineteenth season of British science fiction television series Doctor Who began on 4 January 1982 with Castrovalva, and ended with Time-Flight. Season 19 saw the introduction of Peter Davison as the Fifth Doctor. Tegan Jovanka (Janet Fielding), Nyssa (Sarah Sutton) and Adric (Matthew Waterhouse) were his companions. Adric is killed-off in the climax of Earthshock; a rare instance in the series of a companion dying.
Friday Evening with the Companions: John Leeson, Carole Ann Ford, William Russell, Mark StricksonIt’s our annual Companions panel and you never know what’s going to happen. In previous years, we’ve had surprise guests, impromptu action scenes, and some of the funniest behind-the-scenes stories you’ll ever hear. Join us again this year as we interview a panel of the Doctor’s brave assistants from across the years about their time on the show and what it means to be a companion.
From Conception to Reality:
Jason Haigh-Ellery, Rachel Talalay, Rob Shearman
How does a Doctor Who story make the journey from concept, to script, to production? Find out via first hand accounts from a writer, director and producer of Doctor Who stories on audio and television.
From Serving Chips to World War I: The Bill Potts PanelThis panel will take a close look at Bill’s character development throughout Season 10. Was her plot problematic or a symptom of Moffat fatigue? Was her exit from the story problematic?
Gallifrey Public Radio MeetupFans and listeners to Gallifrey Public Radio, unite!
Game ShowsJohn Horne from Jam Machine Productions will host an amazing array of game shows on Friday and Saturday night. Bring your best trivia skills and sleuthing abilities and join in on the fun!
How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the RetconThis panel focuses on the most significant examples of retcons in Doctor Who. The content will include not just examples from the TV series, such as the introduction of the War Doctor, but also elements from spin-off media like the explanation of the Master's decayed state given in the BBC novel Legacy of the Daleks.
Inside of a Book: Fictional Literary Characters in WhoJoin Dr. Heather McHale as she leads a discussion on the intersection of Doctor Who with other famous fictional characters from the land of fiction and beyond within the entire history of literature.
Intro to Big FinishIntimidated by the 400+ audio adventures of the First through Tenth Doctors produced by Big Finish? Hear from panelists who have listened to nearly all of Big Finish’s catalogue spotlight the cream of the crop of the Big Finish Audio world to help you navigate their massive catalog of stories.
K-9: The Voice Behind the Legend with John LeesonJohn Leeson's portrayal of the beloved robot companion K-9 has captured the hearts of many generations. Meet John Leeson who discusses his time portraying K-9 on screen and audio, and hear about his many acting roles beyond Doctor Who.
Kids’ Programming RoomDrop by our dedicated Kids’ Programming Room and have your kids join in exciting Doctor Who-related activities all weekend long. Activities include all kinds of crafts involving coloring, making paper Tardises, and much, much more! The full schedule of activities will be posted by the door.
LGBTQ Experience In and Around Doctor Who
The new series of Doctor Who has been especially supportive of LGBT issues, as evidenced by writer, cast and character diversity, inclusive episode storylines, and, of course, the fan community itself. Join us for an intimate conversation about trans, gay, lesbian and omnisexual themes in and around the world of Doctor Who.
Living in the 80's Part 1
Mark Strickson, Matthew Waterhouse
A candid chat about life and culture in the 80's both on Doctor Who and beyond.
Living in the 80's part 2:
Janet Fielding and Sarah Sutton
A candid chat about life and culture in the 80's both on Doctor Who and beyond.
Make Your Book: How to Self Publish and Self-Market Without DyingSo you've decided to self-publish. But none of the "easy" routes gives you exactly what you're looking for. How can you get your work out there the way YOU want it without breaking the bank or your brain? The creators of the light novel series Owl's Flower handle the entirety of their publishing process -- from printing to distribution to advertising -- and they're here to share their experiences to help you do the same. Learn about the merits of different printing options, find out how to assemble ebooks on your own, and get the skills you need to publish your book your way.
Martha Jones is EXCELLENTThis panel of Martha Jones fans will discuss what makes her so very, very EXCELLENT.
Meanwhile in the Tardis Group MeetupGather all ye members of the Facebook "Meanwhile in the Tardis" group for an in-person meet up!
Memory and Identity in the Moffat EraMemory played a significant role in shaping the identity of the Doctor and his associates throughout Steven Moffat’s tenure on the show. Starting with Captain Jack’s admission of memory loss in The Doctor Dances and ending with the return of the Doctor’s memories of Clara in Twice upon a Time, Moffat has used memory and memory loss to drive many stories and provide motivation for the characters. Join us for a discussion of the ways memory informs identity and how Steven Moffat used that connection to challenge the audience and explore the characters in the show.
Michelle GomezCome see Michelle Gomez live on stage for a moderated interview followed by a Q&A session.
Missy: The Fan PanelJoin a panel of Missy fans as they discuss fan fiction, adventure and all things Missy.
Montmorency Montgomery Bear: The Bear with the Ginormous HeartCome meet the author (Terry Molloy) and artist (Paul Magrs) of this wonderful fantasy book for all ages. They will discuss the genesis of the story and the journey towards it's final publication, with adventure and delight along the way!
My First Time(Lord)We all remember our first Time...and Timelord. Join us for a fun conversation about what got us into Doctor Who, and share your thoughts! Was it the TV series? Classic or New? Was it the books? Maybe the Big Finish audios were where you got your start? We want to know what got you started, and what has kept you coming back?

Host: Tim Wallace
Oh No, Who Didn't!The rather unpredictable, rather raucous, barely describable improvisation game is back, where a panel of learned Whovians have to think quickly to describe scenarios of swapped identity, altered character alignment, escape scenarios, and the infamous "Fire, Retire, Admire" round.
Oni Hartstein: Be the Boss of Your Own Life Launch PartyHang out with the Showrunner of (Re)Generation Who as she talks about her hard won path out of poverty and into being a fandom business owner and freelance Marketing Technologist. To celebrate the new launch of her life coaching blog she will share insights and answer your questions. If you are tired of blogs that promise you quick success without a realistic path then this panel is for you - no matter what you want for your life. If you can dream it, you can achieve it. Let’s get to work creating lives that we love!
Peter CapaldiCome see Peter Capaldi live on stage for a moderated interview followed by a Q&A session.
Portraiture and Doctor WhoLearn about portraiture for Doctor Who from Kelsey Wailes and some of the techniques she uses to make them. From a Q&A to understanding how to layer colors, learn more about drawing methods, sketching out emotions, how gesture drawing works, and what young artists can do to hone or develop their skills.
Practical Self-Defense WorkshopSome basic techniques for defending yourself against a physical assault. From third-degree black belt Keith DeCandido, these are introductory tips you don't need any prior training to learn.
Props and Relics
of Doctor Who
Join Steve Gostelow for a discussion on the important part that props play on Doctor Who. Steve Gostelow appeared in 30 Years in the TARDIS, a documentary celebrating the 30th anniversary of Doctor Who, as a Dalek operator. He’s not coming to (Re)Gen alone - he’ll be accompanied by a silver Troughton-era Dalek, some “old-school” Cybermen helmets, and a few other props familiar to fans of the classic series!
PuppetCapaldi: Puppets, Props, Punk Rock and Pro TipsValerie Meiss (TinyWonder), an interdisciplinary artist, discusses her work in various mediums. Creator of PuppetCapaldi, she will lead a conversation about puppets and prop building using professional and domestic materials alike. Come pick her brain and the brains of other builders! Let's all have a laugh and talk about making stuff for cosplay, theatre, film and television! She always travels with a ukulele or accordion (the perfect puppet accompaniment) and toured professionally in the theatrical punk rock band Hellblinki for 8 years. (She even covers Peter Capaldi's band The Dreamboys' "Bela Lugosi's Birthday" as TinyWonder, more on that and other projects at
Quantum Hypnosis (with Nicola Bryant)
A Special Meditative Session to Get in Touch with Your Clairvoyant Side
Nicola Bryant brings an entirely new and exciting piece of programming to ReGen as she explores the topic of Hypnotherapy with real physical exercises in a workshop setting. Nicola’s unique perspective incorporates concepts of time travel with hypnotherapy to help participants evoke a higher consciousness of courage, creativity, and self-awareness. Fee $50. Limited to the first 30 people to register. Participants must bring (1) A note pad and pen/pencil; (2) A blanket/warm coat/to put over themselves when lying down; (3) Towels as participants will be lying on the floor (even better if participants can bring a yoga mat) and (4) A cushion or pillow, for comfort. A consent form (provided by ReGeneration Who) will need to be signed prior to the event for all participants.
Red White and Who: Book DiscussionCome meet authors, editors, and contributors to this widely acclaimed book documenting the rich history of everything DOCTOR WHO in the USA—from American TV Guide listings of Canadian broadcasts in 1965, through the Dalek movies, the early struggles of the Public Broadcasting System, the BBC sales attempts, the official debut on American television in 1972, the explosion in popularity among US viewers in 1979, the twentieth anniversary celebration in 1983, the conventions, the books, the merchandise, the fan clubs, the video releases, the games, the USA Tour, and every imaginable fan activity including cosplay, fan films and audios, PBS pledge drive volunteering, websites, podcasts, and much more, to the new heights of success, popularity, and fandom participation in the 21st century.
Series 10 Hit or Miss?From the Pilot to Twice Upon a Time, what where the great successes (and perhaps misses) of the most recent season of Doctor Who?
Sixth Doctor vs ValeyardJoin Colin Baker and Michael Jayston for a lively romp through their careers, both within Doctor Who and beyond.
So, How'd We Do?Weigh in on the con - what worked well? What needs improvement? Take an opportunity to speak directly to the con-chairs and senior (Re)Generation Who staff to help them make next year’s event even better!
Tao of Who - Time Lords and Taoist LoreThe panel explores similarities and elements of Taoist myth and lore in Doctor Who, from the comparisons of deities with Time Lords, regeneration and reincarnation, as well as other elements. Hosted by Taoist priest, shaman, and published historian Alexander Mui.
TARDIS Period Piece: History and Doctor WhoFrom The Unquiet Dead to Thin Ice, many New Who episodes take place in the distant or recent past. Are fixed historical events portrayed in an accurate fashion or are they window dressing for timey-wimey shenanigans? This panel will analyze New Who episodes for historical accuracy versus science fiction storytelling.
The Adventure Panel with Mark StricksonLiving Dinosaurs?
Erupting Volcanoes?
Intriguing creatures from around the world Mark Strickson has you covered as he takes us on exciting multi-media journey though some of the exciting documentaries he has produced.
THE Brigadier
(with John Peel and Ben Taylor)
Brigadier Alistair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart The Man, The Myth, The legend. The Brigadier is one of the most influential figures in the many lives of the Doctor. this would be a discussion about the man (and his team) and what they have meant to the Whoniverse over the years.
The Classic and NEW Continuing Adventures of the Fourth Doctor
Tom Baker has returned via BBC Audio and Big Finish. Hear from those who have produced, written and starred in adventures taking place during the Fourth Doctor's era.
The Dave Ross Variety Show
Join us for our 3rd Annual variety show hosted by Cat Smith and Terry Molloy. Comedy! Drama! Music! Dancing! Rated PG-13 due to some of the bawdy saloon humor as per the great tradition of the vaudeville stage!
The Day 5 became 6
With Peter Davison, Colin Baker and Nicola Bryant
When the Fifth Doctor regenerated into the Sixth doctor history was made. Hear all about it from the actors who were there.
The Fifth Doctor MEGAPANELThe Fifth Doctor holds court with ALL of the Fifth Doctor's companions in one place at one time? Join us as we tackle the question of how many companions can be in one place without disrupting the time continuum.
The First Face That This Face SawEach Doctor’s first companions are special in shaping their personality, morals, and overall identity. In this panel we’ll discuss the companions whose relationships with the Doctor ranged from familial, to symbiotic, from romantic, to adversarial. We’ll examine what made each of these relationships unique and debate which changed their Doctor the most.

Host: Joy Piedmont
The Greatest Cosplay Show in the GalaxyThe team at ReGen is teaming up with Coal Hill Inc to produce “The Greatest Cosplay Show in the Galaxy”​, a Masquerade and variety show. The Masquerade will be held Saturday March 24th at 8:00pm. Our goal is to put on an exceptional show that is respectful and engaging for all the entrants and entertaining for the audience. This show is to highlight the amazing work and abilities of Whovians and each and every one of you has something amazing to share with our audience!
The Impossible PacifistScience fiction has historically proven that truly pacifist characters will either meet an unfortunate end, or have to set aside their ideology in dire moments in order to achieve their altruistic ends. With the War Doctor and other examples of our own beloved Time Lord following suit, we discuss the viability of a true non-confrontational character in the genre, and if any examples have been provided in the past, either within or beyond the Doctor Who universe.
The Legion of Doom : Terry Molloy, Michelle Gomez and Michael JaystonTerry Molloy hosts a discussion between actors who portrayed some of the most devious adversaries the Doctor has ever faced.
This Week in Time Travel with special guest Rachel TalalayJoin Alyssa Franke from “This Week in Time Travel” for a candid discussion with Rachael Talay. This Week in Time Travel is the recurring podcast that includes Doctor Who-related interviews, reviews and all the news that marked This Week in Time Travel. Longtime Doctor Who podcaster Chip Sudderth (Two-minute Time Lord) and essayist-podcaster Alyssa Franke (WhovianFeminism on Tumblr and Twitter) are your co-hosts.
Time and Space Jam DANCE PARTY with DJ KangalTIMELORDS & COMPANIONS... Come ready to dance through TIME and SPACE at our SCI-FI/WHOVIAN/ELECTRO/RETRO/FANDOM/GEEKDOM Dance Parties Friday and Saturday nights! Music by DJ KANGAL, sound and lights by the (Re)Gen Tech Crew, and a special Saturday night visual performance by VJ ANDY HICKS!
Trial of a Time Lord RevisitedGo back to Season 23 with three of the principal people who were there: Colin Baker (the 6th Doctor), Nicola Bryant (Peri Brown, the Companion), and Michael Jayston (the Villain Valeyard).
Tribute to the First Doctor Carole Ann Ford – Susan Foreman William Russell – Ian ChestertonWilliam Hartnell started it all. Join two of the actors who worked with him and knew him well for a tribute to the very First Doctor of them all.
Using Fandom to Better Your Mental Health
Lots of us have found a safe haven in the world of fandom. Many of us have found help for anxiety, depression, or even just found acceptance in general. Come hear your fellow fans discuss their experiences and struggles, and even share your own. Also we will talk about what this con offers to assist us fans who's brains work a little differently.
Voices of Who: Terry Molloy, John Leeson, Jason Haigh-Ellery and Lisa GreenwoodThanks to Big Finish, audio dramas have become an integral element in the Whovian mythos. A discussion of the unique qualities that audio brings to who by the producer and actors who bring those tales to life.
We Are (Re)Generation Who
Come meet the Showrunners of ReGeneration Who in person as they introduce themselves and field questions about their events.
We Have to Stop Meeting Like ThisIt's always great when the Doctors team up with their other selves, but are they actually great stories? This panel will examine not just the multi-Doctor TV episodes but also various examples on audio and in print to determine which ones are properly viewed as good stories in their own right or simply fun trips down memory lane.
Who and Company with Simon Fraser
Join the Who and Company podcast for a live recording with special guest Simon Fraser as they discuss his art work, Doctor Who, and a non-Who show he geeks over.
Who MomsIn the 9th to 12th Doctor's eras, mothers have played an integral role to the narrative, from Jackie Tyler to Sylvia Noble to Amy Pond to Francine Jones and Bill's Mum a chat about the impact of mothers on the show.
Who's Running the Show? What If YOU Were the Showrunner?You have suddenly found yourself appointed show runner for a new series of Doctor Who...who will play your Doctor? Who are the companions? Which villain or creatures would you include or re-imagine as you take the show in your own direction? An interactive conversation with Tim Wallace and
Ben Taylor
Whovians of Central Jersey MeetupWhovians from the Garden State, UNITE!
Why I Geek: A Discussion of FandomJoin the editors and contributors of "Why I Geek". Fandom is complicated to explain to people who don’t quite understand why we spend so much energy on our obsessions. “Why I Geek” is a book featuring people of various fandoms telling their stories of why they love what they love and why their fandom is important to them.
Writer Spotlight: John PeelA candid chat with John Peel about his work.
Writer Spotlight: Keith R.A. DeCandidoA candid chat with the Keith R.A. DeCandido about his work.
Writer Spotlight: Matthew WaterhouseMatthew discusses his fiction work including his novels: Fates, Flowers: A Comedy of New York, Vanitas: A Comedy of New York, Precious Liars, and his short story collection called Sugar.
Writer Spotlight: Paul MagrsA candid chat with the Paul Magrs about his work.
Writer Spotlight: Rob ShearmanA candid chat with Rob Shearman about his work.
Writer's Workshop Part 1

Host: Paul Magrs
Bring your pen and notebook and join Paul Magrs, worldwide lecturer and author of over 40 novels, Audios and short story collections. Paul will provide tips and exercises to bring out the best of your creative writing skills. Part 1, held on Friday will have some “homework” to be discussed at the close of ReGen 4 on Sunday during the Writer’s Workshop Part 2.
Writer's Workshop Part 2This is the follow up of Friday’s workshop hosted by Paul Magrs where the participants will share their thoughts and creativity as we wrap up the convention. This second half of the workshop will be held on Sunday Afternoon.
Writers on Deck!
Late Night Reading
Paul Magrs and Kara Dennison host a group of writers reading from their work.
Yoga with Cat SmithCat will be teaching a 60-minute class in restorative yoga. A weekend at a con is awesome, but let’s face it, it can also be stressful and exhausting. In this class, we will be attempting to reconnect with our chill and relieve some of that con pressure. You will let Cat know what hurts, and, through stretching, breathing, and bearing in mind that Cat is not a chiropractor, she will help you to soothe yourself. It will be a general level class. All abilities welcome. Please wear something comfortable that you can move in. If you have a yoga mat, great, but if you don’t, that’s okay, too. (Bring a large towel or just be prepared to sit on the floor).
Zoology of Doctor WhoA comparison and educational panel about some of the Doctor Who monsters and their real life counterparts. Ice Warriors can be frozen and brought back to life after years of being trapped in ice; what animals on earth can do the same thing? The Zarbi look like giant ants, and are only slightly more terrifying than the extinct Titanomyrma, an ant the size of a Milano cookie.

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