The team at ReGen is teaming up with Coal Hill Inc to produce “The Greatest Cosplay Show in the
Galaxy 3” , a Masquerade & variety show to provide something for everyone. The Masquerade will be
held Saturday March 24th at 8:00pm.

Our goal is to put on an exceptional show that is respectful and engaging for all the entrants and
entertaining for the audience. In order to do this we ask that all of our entrants please follow these
regulations and above all, despite the sometimes stressful nature of competition- be kind and generous
with each other. This show is to highlight the amazing work and abilities of Whovians and each and
every one of you has something amazing to share with our audience!

A link to the online registration form is at the end of this page. Please read our rules and FAQs in their entirety before registering!


We will have Online Registration available until midnight Thursday March 22nd. Any entrants after that
must register in person at the Masquerade table. All entrants who register online must still check in at
Masquerade table at the convention during the table hours.

Masquerade Registration table hours during the con will be:
● Friday 12:00 – 6:00 pm
● Saturday 9:00 – 2:00 pm

All entry information including documentation for the judges and audio files for the show should be
provided at this time.

The ReGeneration Who Masquerade will use the Master/Journeyman/Novice categorization for skill
levels set by the International Costumers’ Guild . Many people know which category is the right category
for them, but if you don’t, or you would like some feedback on which category to enter, then please click
the “unsure” category on the form and we will get back to you.

Entries may be exhibition only or eligible for awards by being entered in the following competitive
categories based on your costuming experience level. This means you can choose to enter any Division
above your current division (this is a one-way trip).

Creative: Found or Purchased
• Professional costumers may not enter in the Novice division.

Novice: Beginner level costumers with little to no masquerade experience
• Professional costumers may not enter in the Novice division.
• A contestant who has competed and won in any division other than Novice at an international
competition may not enter in the Novice division.
• A contestant who has won “Best in Show” or “Best Novice” at any competition may not enter in the
Novice division.
• A contestant who has won major awards in the Novice division in any competitions is encouraged to
enter in the Journeyman division
• Awards won may be counted towards placement at the discretion of the masquerade team if there are
any questions.

Journeyman: Intermediate level costumers who have been doing this for a while and have picked up
some skills and tricks and have maybe been in a masquerade or two, but not won their division
Professional costumers may not enter in the Journeyman division. A professional costumer is defined as
any person who has made 50% or more of their income in any part of costuming (wig making or styling,
sewing, prop making, etc) at any point in their life.
• A contestant who has won “Best in Show” or “Best Journeyman” at any major competition may not
enter in the Journeyman division.
• A contestant who has won more than three awards in the Journeyman division in competition may not
enter in the Journeyman division
• Awards won may be counted towards placement at the discretion of the masquerade team if there are
any questions.

Master: Professional costumers, designers etc with extensive masquerade experiences.
If you are a professional costumer, fashion designer, or textile artist, you should enter in the Master

Rehearsal and Technical Needs

We may have a short technical rehearsal or walkthrough prior to the actual Masquerade show. If this is
scheduled, we will contact you with the time to determine if you are available.

All entrants who are asking for Workmanship judging are required to provide documentation about their
costumes for the judges. Documentation (books, movie stills, photographs) supporting your costume
should be submitted during the table hours and will be returned following the Masquerade.

If you intend or desire to do something interactive or that might require any special lighting cues or
other tech, you must let us know before the show and any spectacle must be approved before being

Please be sure to communicate with the MC prior to the show if you would like them to participate in
your performance in any way.

All audio (speech and music) must be pre-recorded and provided at the table. Provide your recordings as
an easily readable, universal type of audio (such as WAV or MP3) on USB. Please ensure that your audio
for the ReGen Masquerade is the only file on the USB and that the filename is clear and the USB itself is
clearly labeled or distinctive.

Restrictions and Limitations on Entries and Costumes

Individual entrants must complete their time on stage within 60 seconds. Any presentations or skits
must be communicated to the staff prior to the show. Some skits with multiple people may be approved
for longer time slots on a case by case basis, but no single entry may be longer than 120 seconds. All
audio must be recorded and handed to the tech department at the table prior to the show.

Entrants may only be on stage once, unless they are supporting a fellow entrant as a prop or assistant.

Absolutely no nudity or semi-nudity (it is a family show please make sure your costumes are at least
PG-13) smoke, flame, fires, or sparks will be allowed.

The Green Room

Check in begins at 6:30 pm and arrive no later than 7:00 pm or you may be scratched from the run

You will be given the presentation order for the show when you arrive.

The MC will be in the Green Room and will want to speak to each entrant- be sure to inform the MC of
what you will be doing, if you want the MC to interact with you, and of any pronunciation.

The Workmanship judges will do their one on one discussion with each entrant during the time in the
green room, be sure to have all pieces of your costume with you so they can do their work.

The Masquerade

The Exhibition costumes will go first, then the Novice costumes, then the Journeyman costumes, then
the Master category.

We are doing this in this way so the audience will have a better sense of how the show works and to
increase the excitement. We know that some Novice costumes and skits will be as impressive as any
other category and we think it will be fun for the audience to be better able to follow!

After you have done your skit you may choose to stay in the audience to watch the show, or go back to
the green room. When judges enter deliberations you may go into the hallway to interact with people if
you choose, but please return for the awarding ceremony!

After the Masquerade

The Masquerade judges and staff will available to discuss things with you. Our judges will offer feedback,
if asked, about what they liked and what could be improved about each entry in a respectful and
positive manner. Please remember to be courteous and respectful to our judges and your fellow


Q: I think I’d like to participate, but I am scared I’ll make a mistake due to the long list of rules and
regulations, what should I do?
A: Just shoot us an email! We would love to help you out and we want everyone to feel like they are a
part of the show. Many of the guidelines are just there to ensure that things work well and some things
are flexible. So just email us with your questions and ideas and we will work with you to make it happen!

Q. I am worried about being “judged” for my costume, but I would like to show it off, can I participate
and not be judged?
A. YES! We welcome everyone to be a part of the show. If you don’t want to be a part of the judging
process, just sign up for our Exhibition category. Exhibition entrants get to enter the stage and show off
their costumes, but are not judged or awarded. And for those who do want to compete, rest assured,
even for the judged categories (Novice, Journeyman, and Master) our judges will show the utmost
respect to you and your costume!

Q: I don’t really look like the character I am cosplaying, can I still be in the Masquerade?
A: The ReGeneration Who Masquerade is open to everyone and everyone of any body type is
encouraged to participate. Our judging categories are based entirely on the quality of the costume and
the quality of the performance.

Q. I have little experience in cosplaying and I am afraid I’m not good enough to compete, should I
participate in the Masquerade?
Masquerades are for all cosplayers at any and every skill level, all the great cosplayers had to get their
start somehow. The categories exist so that somebody making their first costume won’t be competing
against a professional who has been at this for years or decades. No matter where you are in your
cosplay journey, taking the stage is a great way to experience a masquerade, make new friends, and try
something new! Your masquerade team will be 100% behind you every step of the way.

Q: Will people in the Masquerade make fun of me if my cosplay isn’t good enough?
A: Forget what you’ve seen on TV! Masquerades are filled with cosplayers who are excited about each
other’s creativity and their fandom. They’re excited to share what they know. Sure, many people in
masquerades love to do well and win ribbons, but not by putting down another cosplayer. If somebody
is behaving in a way that makes you feel unwelcome backstage, let a Masquerade Staff member know
and we’ll handle it immediately. We want all of you to have a great time.

Q: How much of my time will this take up? I still want to have fun at the convention!
A: While we’d be lying if we said that the masquerade won’t take any of your time, especially on
Saturday evening you should plan to spend several hours in prep and then doing the show. We have an
hour-long meeting on Saturday afternoon. You’ll spend an hour or two in the Green Room pre show
getting ready and doing your workmanship judging, but this is also a time for you to talk to other
cosplayers, play a round of Cards Against Humanity, or just chill out and read your favorite Target
Novelization. Once you have gone on stage, if you are in a judged category, we ask you to stay together
until the end of the show for the awards presentation.

Register Now for the Masquerade!


Spots are limited, so we’re offering attendees an opportunity to sign up online! We will announce before the event if there will still be sign-ups available on-site.

>> Register for the masquerade

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