Deadline for Online Orders:

All online pre-registration will be closing at 11:59 pm on Sunday the March 18th. At that point, you will only be able to buy tickets at the door. The full weekend price will go up to $100; daily prices will remain unchanged.


Deadline for Pre-Ordering T-Shirts and VIP Packages:

Con T-shirt pre-reg sales will be closing March 4th. After that, we will no longer be accepting specific shirt orders. We will have a small amount of extras in common sizes at the con, but if you want to be sure there’s one that’ll fit you, grab one before Friday!

Also on March 4th, we will be closing VIP sales for all tiers except Tier 1. VIP shirts and charms cannot be ordered after that time, so don’t wait to upgrade!



How can you support local artists and help our fan organization raise money to make (Re)Gen even more awesome? By grabbing some of our sweet limited-edition merch! All our items are designed and produced by indie creators and small businesses, so you’re getting one-of-a-kind creations while giving back to the community.

Simply add any of these to your order when you register. If you want to add them on later, you can return to the same registration page–just select “none” for your registration type and add the items onto your existing registration. If there are any issues, just email us at for prompt assistance!

(Re)Gen 4 Standard Con T-Shirt
$20 S, M, L, $25 for 2X and above (size chart)

These are made in small runs – we will have a small amount in limited sizes available at the con. To guarantee your size, you need to pre-order so we can order it for you.

Designed by Ginger Hoesly, printed at Imagination Print & Design.


(Re)Gen 3 Adipose and TARDIS-Inspired Lamps
$50 each

[Image coming soon.]

Classic 3D lamps from previous years. When they’re gone, they’re gone!

Designed by Leone 3D Printing.




Tier 1: $30 (UNIT or Judoon)
Perks: Special badge, early access to Dealer Room, limited-edition VIP art print, invite to “Regenerators” party.

Designed by Ginger Hoesly.



Tier 2: $60 (Torchwood or Silence)
Perks: Limited-edition VIP T-shirt, plus all Tier 1 perks

Size Chart


Designed by Ginger Hoesly, printed at Imagination Print & Design. Shirt color subject to change.

These shirts will not be sold at the event outside of Tier 2, and must be reserved by March 4


Tier 3: $90 (Time Agent or Sontaran)
Perks: Limited-edition charm, listing on our website as part of this year’s Coalitions of Good/Evil, plus all Tier 1 & 2 perks

Designed by Red Fish Rue Fish.


Tier 4: $125 (Companion or Cyberman)
Perks: Main Events reserved seating, plus all Tier 1-3 perks


Tier 5: $1500 (Time Lord or Dalek)
Perks: Standard (Re)Gen reg for life, a permanent listing on our Veterans of the Time War page (choice of High Council or Cult) with image and personal link, plus all Tier 1-4 perks.

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