The following participants will be in our Vendor room this year:

1,2 Science Fiction Continuum
3 Doctor Gus Designs
4 Walt’s Cards
5 Not Your Grandmom’s Bags
6,7 The Who Shop
8 Wibbily Wobbly Timey Wimey
10 Mayfaire Moon Corsets & Costumes
11 Nerdy Keppie
12 Craft Hackers
13 La Wren’s Nest
14 As You Wish Accessories
15,16 Heroes In Action
17 The Vintage Punk
18 Arsenal Models

G1 Catherine Tate
G2 Ingrid Oliver
G3 Sylvester McCoy
G4 Sophie (Aldred) Henderson
G5 Daphne Ashbrook
G6 Yee Jee Tso
G7 Frazer Hines
G8 Wendy Padbury
G9 Tony Curran
G10 Terry Molloy / (Re)Generation Who Autograph Store, Big Finish Items

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